About Gasoline Pricing

Gasoline prices have been well over $.60 per gallon since 1973. That is the year OPEC countries initiated their terrorist-style blackmail on the civilized world. Of course, the civilized world, being energy dependent and civilized, acceded. Energy dependent nations paid OPEC demands no matter how high its price demands went.

Poor and weak leadership within the energy dependent nations failed to develop domestic oil resources. It was not until around 2000 that technology made it realistic for energy dependent nations to start to become energy independent — regardless of ongoing feckless leadership.

High gasoline prices are an indirect tax imposed by OPEC nations. You pay the OPEC nations for their gasoline. They benefit directly.

Please estimate the approximate price per gallon that would make you cut back on your pleasure driving. Please also indicate approximately what gasoline price range would make you cut back on driving to work and take public transportation.